You are not a pyromancer; you are a caveman with a torch

I have one message that I want to get across to people (especially myself) and if I have to do it through parable (not in this post, but sometime later), so be it – you are not a pyromancer, using your will to move the fire elemental and shape the world. You are a caveman with a torch. When we (whatever we is supposed to mean) bind together, we become like a larger, more schizophrenic and more clumsy caveman with a yet bigger torch.

You are never presented with two options – outcome A or outcome B. You are only ever presented with actions that you are aware of. You have an outcome in mind but an action or set of actions intended to acquire a given outcome shall never be conflated with said. Opposition to the actions should not be confused with opposition to the outcome and vice versa. And it is not just those who refuse to apply what science has to say who are unscientific; the worst offenders are those who ascribe the wrong degree of certainty to facts and act accordingly.

These things are, of course, so obvious one must wonder why I wasted my time writing this post and threatening to pound the point in further later. However, as obvious as these things are to most people most of the time, they are forgotten, perhaps willfully, by upper management and in political discussions.

…pseudointellectual rant to be continued

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