JLPT system to be changed

It seems I was a little slow to pick up this news, but basically all the things I (and, apparently, countless others) have put in the suggestion box year after year for JLPT are finally being realized. If I don’t pass lvl. 2 this Winter, I’ll be able to take it again middle the following year, instead of having to wait until Winter. The only complaint I don’t see addressed is the lack of timeliness in grading my tests. This is the computer age, people!

Another thing that is cool, that would have helped me this year or would’ve helped last year, but will likely be too late for me, is they’re adding a new level in-between 2 and 3. The gap is HUGE, I tell ya! 3 is easy, and 2 is suicide. I’m taking suicide level this year, and would’ve appreciated N2. Oh well. One minus that I actually kinda understand is they won’t be publishing the answers anymore. Oh how I loved taking the tests in those pastel-colored booklets. Enjoy them while they last, kiddies.

Japanese Practice #3

娘 はい、何ママ
お母さん 私のどらやき知らない?
娘 知らない
お母さん 私のどらやき知らない?
黒人さん 知りません
お母さん (笑い声)なんでみんなここにいたんじゃない?あなた、あたしのどらっ
お父さん(犬) ヤバいヤバい
お母さん あたしのどらやき?!
お父さん 食べました
アナウンサー 家族関数は無料ソフトバンク







(to anyone learning Japanese: please see possibly very helpful link below!)

昨日、Newport Beachと言ういいところに行く途中で、Costa Mesaにある日本のスーパーのミツワで泊まってから、買い物をした。漢字が上手になるように、がんばって日本の本を読むことにした。だから、そっちの本屋でいい本を探していた。「人間の関係」の本を見るとたんに、興味をそそった。作者の「五木寛之」を聞いたことがなかったけど、日本に有名な作者だそうだね。


Hey folks, I decided to start doing some heavy reading in Japanese. A book called ningen no kankei (Human Relations) by Hiroyuki Itsuki. He (yes, I thought Hiroyuki was a dame’s name at first; I was wrong) is apparently quite popular in Japan, mostly for his fiction, but lately he has been writing more philosophically-oriented things.

Anyway, as I read this, I write down new words I have to look up to help me learn the words, making the reading go (hopefully) faster as I go along and learn the vocabulary. I noticed that google documents lets you share documents with anyone through a link, so I thought “hey, if helping others is easy and convenient, why the hell not?” So, if you want to go down the same fool-hardy path as me, I believe this will be a GREAT help for you. I look up almost all the kanji-containing words I see.


Japanese Practice #2

Aさん ソフトバンクは何を始めたって?
Bさん 無料通出来る「友達をふやそうって」言うプロジェクトです
Aさん やるな。おい、聞いているのか?
こくじんくん すみません、聞いてませんでした。
ねえちゃん だめじゃない。そんな消極的じゃー。ねぇ、おとうさん。
わんぱぱ だめだぞ!