The Truth if a Shifty Bitch

The truth is a shifty bitch
The one who will build you up
The one who will cry your name
And just as soon, your ass ditch

The truth is a crafty witch
She will make the path easy
She will render the path not
She will make poor you feel rich

Beware the cheap seduction
Don’t feel you needn’t cover
Your each and every base
Though she found you paths verdant
It will just as soon deface
And you find you have nothing

Why do the Morlocks still Clothe the Eloi?

(note to friends: I meant to post this way earlier but hadn’t had time to edit it down. That’s why it refers to events way past. But the point is still fresh)

As is my fashion, I read a book on the plane. I read Time Machine on the way to Japan and King Hrolf Kraki’s saga on the way back. I have nothing to say about the latter except it would make an awesome series of movies with endless sequels and that modern literature lacks the sheer succinctness of poets of old. Of the Time Machine, well, what can I say, it was awesome, as expected. I also wonder why I didn’t read it earlier. It’s exactly the kind of book I would have read as a teenager, though I was much more into Asimov and Clark back then.

What made H.G. Wells such an awesome sci-fi writer (aside from those qualities that made him just plain old a good writer) was his ability to suspend disbelief by bringing heavy doses of real science into his stories while he makes his political commentary. My disbelief is not so easily suspended (one reason I seldom enjoy movies), so of course the SciFi I like is hard sci-fi, though I can appreciate the preposterous if it is at least internally consistent (e.g., if the way magic works makes sense and the world is as it would be were there magic; Lovecraft did this better than anyone else). His science isn’t the point of the novel. It isn’t to warn of an eventuality, but to make a separate point. It’s the good (for the time) science that draws you into the tale. Continue reading

A [Mostly] Conservative Argument for Gay Marriage

You’ve all heard the social libertarian/liberal arguments for gay marriage. Tolerance, equal rights, blah blah. They are important and I believe in them, but they are the reasons I support gay marriage being legal. There are many things I believe shall be legal but do not approve of. It is clearly wrong to cheat on one’s spouse, yet few would be so paternalistic (un-libertarian) as to say that such a thing is the government’s business, for example. However, not only do I support gay marriage being legal on basic social libertarian grounds, I approve of gay marriage and these reasons why are what I call my conservative argument for gay marriage. Of course, no one needs my approval to get married, but that’s getting back to the standard liberal arguments you’ve already heard. Continue reading

Challenge for Racialists

Explain how a group could be said to have rights that could in any way trump individuals’ rights.

There is a tribe of Asian pygmies called the T’rung – the only of a kind (all other pygmy groups are either Sub-Saharan African or Australoid/Oceanic). There are very few left and I don’t know the number, but let’s say for argument’s sake, there are only 10 left. Which is worse, killing all 10 of them or killing 100 Han Chinese people (who have no risk of perishing as an ethnic group from a mere 100 deaths)? It seems obvious to me, the answer is killing 100 people is worse than killing 10 people. The only thing that could differentiate between one death and another would be the circumstances (I’d rather be one of Stalin’s dead than Hitler’s death camp dead). Arne Naess, in his Ecosophy T doesn’t even hold species to hold rights, though he is of course the biggest advocate of preserving biodiversity for its own ends, not only ours.

Can races have rights? I think not, but a lot of people all over the political spectrum (united in their racialism) seem to think otherwise. Why should the Holocaust only refer to the half (or less, depending on the estimate) that were killed that happened to be Jewish? Why do racialists of every color and type cringe at the sight of miscegenation? Explain or forever hold your peace!

“No Offense But…”

Don’t you hate that phrase? It’s usually what people say before they say something incredibly offensive. What they really mean when they say it is “this is going to make you become so enraged and I want to watch it and I like to be ironic in saying no offense! yessssss.” I enjoy saying it before phrases like “you smell like gorilla’s arsehole” or “you’re not going anywhere, everything in your life sucks entirely because you suck and I hate you. Furthermore, you smell like a gorilla’s asshole”

Anyway, this has nothing to do with Miss California. I really don’t care what a beauty pageant’s political opinion is, nor which oversensitive makeup artist(s) she offended by expressing an opinion that is, though evil, hardly unusual. It’s not like she claimed that Italian Jews (pizza-bagels) have a secret plot to keep Americans fat (well, everyone believes it, but no one is crazy enough to actually go out and say it).