Looking For Creative Keyboardist/Synth Player

Looking for a keyboardist who has the ability to create his own parts for our songs. Bonus points if you can songwrite/compose as well. More bonus points if you have a good understanding of music theory (and can teach me some of it, heh).

We are a new band (though in some senses a reincarnation of a previous band of mine) and our goal is to practice 1-2 times a week for a long time, then release an album and tour regularly, playing our original songs (and maybe a few covers here and there, but our goal isn’t to be a party band).

I have a good set of synth gear (including a Roland AX-7 keytar, a Korg MS-2000, a Yamaha DX-200, a Kaoss Pad and more..) that will be available for your use as a member of our band.

Our sound shall be full of texture and flavor, sometimes quite harsh. Not silly little synth tricks of our time that sound dated as soon as their recorded. Some influences (don’t worry if you haven’t heard of very many of these as long as you do have broad influences…): Skinny Puppy, Throbbing Gristle, Brian Eno, Pixies, Christian Death, NON (Boyd Rice), Tangerine Dream, NIN, Joy Division, New Order, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Leather Strip, Laibach, Boards of Canada, …

Creativity is more important than skill, but you need to have some skill, heh. Our music is highly electronic, so you will be the star in some sense and will make or break our sound. Up for the task? E-mail me or leave a message at 760-912-1856 if I don’t answer.

Looking for Collaborator (creative musician) for Band

(copying my post from craigslist to here)

I’m in the first stages of starting a new band (or reviving my old band, however you wanna look at it). I’m very open-minded as to what instrument(s) you can play/contribute. Right now, I’m trying to find 1-2 really motivated people to start working on new songs with. We can add more musicians later if needed. But right now, I’m looking for people who have a vision and can compose new material with me.

My goal is to practice 1-2x/week, every week and not start playing until we have a solid base of original songs that we play very, very well (I’m interested in a few covers here and there too). I already have quite a few originals I can show you how to play, or we can even rework them to sound different! Other than playing live, the only other thing I want out of this band is for us to make a really awesome CD and release it to the world!

I’m not in it for the money. I’m finding working in IT is a much better way to make money than music. I don’t want to “make it big”. Not in music, anyway (my life goal is to become a renowned food science and biotech inventor). To me, it’s a semi-serious hobby and if this is the situation for you also, then I think we’ll get along :)

Here is a small selection of the bands I’m influenced by. Major bonus points if you really like at least 2-3 of these:
coil, throbbing gristle, laibach, current 93, oingo boingo, bauhaus, joy division, kraftwerk, bjork, aphex twin, nick cave and the bad seeds, einstruzende neubauten, polysics, christian death (rozz williams, minus points if you listen to valor, hehe), the cure, joy division, gossamer, non, skinny puppy, david bowie, brian eno, the pixies, …

Feel free to call/SMS me with any questions 760-912-1856. Leave a message if I don’t answer, I’ll call you back. Or you can contact me through craigslist, or check my myspace
My previous band that died from the members all moving their separate ways can be found here (I think “Church Girls”, one of the last songs we did, is also one of our finest, despite my weak vocals):

We can change the name though, because this will be a new band, as far as I’m concerned.