Simple Syllabus for Intro to Biology

For me, the ends of education is to learn – get new opportunities or at least exercise your brain; the degree is secondary (though I do seek a PhD eventually.. just my BS suits me just fine for now). So for me, MIT’s opencourse initiative is perfect! You can take classes from MIT for free! But.. sans the instructor (oh, but this course has videos, so it’s like he’s right there on my iPod mini). That’s where PhD friends and relatives come in handy, heh.

Anyway, I made this spreadsheet for myself for Biology 7.014, which is the basic Biology course for Biology majors. Just go down the list, and do the assignments and watch the lectures.. Then, try to discover something yourself..

Biology 7.014 Syllabus (.ods)
Biology 7.014 Syllabus (.pdf)
Biology 7.014 Syllabus (.xls)

(And no, it hasn’t escaped me that the file extension for Opendocument Spreadsheet looks like “odious”)

Here’s the course itself. I can’t believe no one else is taking advantage of this!!

My self-study Bio Course..

7.014 Introductory Biology
7.03 Genetics
7.05 General Biochemistry (open courseware doesn’t have this yet! shit)
7.06 Cell Biology

5.111 Principles of Chemical Science
5.12 Organic Chemistry I
20.110J Thermodynamics of Biomolecular Systems

7.02 Experimental Biology & Communications
7.13 Experimental Microbial Genetics
7.17 Experimental Molecular Biology: Biotechnology III (bastards don’t have this yet either..)
7.18 Topics in Experimental Biology

The 3 elective courses yet to be decided, but then again, I do not plan on doing my education entirely this way. Just a couple of classes tops would be ideal. My path will probably go 7.014 -> 7.02 -> try to do my own experimental study -> start at brick & mortar institution. If I do do things this way, then I will need to score very well on the appropriate tests for entry for MS in bioscience and convince people that good self-study + BS in unrelated field should satisfy them…