New Year’s Resolutions

Firstly, I give myself a 2-month extension (why not?) on my last year’s resolutions. But feel free to dunk me in cold water anyway. They’re… close. Except the one about getting a study published. That one was preposterous! But I’m going to do something… stay tuned. Here are the more tangible/realistic goals for 2010. Wish me luck. Or, if you hate me, boo me. I like opposition ;)

  1. Complete last year’s (2009) resolutions, except the stupid get a study published one and bring them to the next level (i.e., bring “product released” to “product is paying my bills”). I gave myself until the end of February on the first half of this and until the end of the year for the rest.
  2. Get accepted into Cal State Channel Islands’ dual-major MS Biotech/MBA program. That requires finishing two more classes, taking my GREs and… applying! I hope they still have the transcripts I’ve sent them…
  3. Stay fit. Lose 15 pounds, bench press more than I do now, and get a much, much better time on the next 10k I run (I hope to shave off at least 2 minutes from the same time last year), this coming spring. This I can do. I’ve lost weight before and I’ll do it again and keep it off. Being fit is the difference between being there for your grandchildren or being a senile lump of protoplasm.
  4. Bonus points, but #1-3 take priority: record a small album (just 6 songs is enough!) and finish that sci-fi novel. It’s pretty far along, so I would be stupid not to finish it.

New Year’s Resolutions

I succeeded (#3) and gotten in stepwise directions towards (#1 and #2) my last year’s resolutions. Because of that, and because I’m awesome, I know I’ll be at least partly successful in these three resolutions. I have very good reasons to be more specific this year:

  1. Have at least one, preferably two, software products of mine become successful and attain a customer base. Likely contenders include CalCast/Maintenance Cast and a v2.0 RoR’s version of band-collab (what’s up right now is a bloody Drupal mess I wouldn’t wish upon my worst foes).
  2. To get one study of mine published in a peer-reviewed journal. Wait a minute, I don’t have any credentials! That little factor will make it all the more challenging and interesting. I have my eyes on certain food science journals. More details forthcoming…
  3. To acquire a patent. Provisional patent or patent pending will count for this one.

In addition to these, I’m serious about continuing my last year’s resolutions. That means two things – be good to my girlfriend, who I love, and try as hell to make better money than I did last year.

Oh, and to make things interesting, I’m going to make a deal with my friends that they can dunk me or something evil like that if I don’t make all three. And these are all fiendishly hard, aren’t they!!!

New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions:


  • Get Osaka Red Software’s product to the point that it makes good money and works on autopilot. Preferrably also get CRÆFT™ finished and selling.
  • Completely pay off credit cards, and have at least X in each of my bank accounts. (number hidden for my privacy)
  • Have own place in San Luis Obispo!
  • Personal:

  • Grow successful relationship. I believe Eri is the one.
  • To make new friends that don’t drop acid.
  • To fix problems when they are but a bud, not after they have become kudzu. This, more than anything, will lead to a sense of well-being.