Type runes on your Mac

I finally got around to making a Mac OS X keyboard to let you type Futhorc. I don’t know why I waited until just now (probably because it’s not important?), but it was really easy since they even have a program to automatically generate Mac OS X keyboard layouts, rather than typing the needed xml by hand. This is directly equivalent to the one I made for Linux, and by extension to the only Windows one I could find (see page).

Here’s my page on typing runes on your computer. It’s good whether you’re a Windows baby, a Mac fag or a Linux ass. It’s also avail under my code > type runes on your computer.

Mac OS X vs. My Keyboard

I like Mac OS X and all, but there’s just one thing that really bugs me about the Mac – Apple’s contempt for the keyboard. I wanted to know if any of you out there know the answer to these problems:

  • In Windows or Linux, you can hit the end key to go to the end of the line you’re typing or the home to get to the beginning. This neither works on my mac laptop nor my mac mini with a pc-keyboard.
  • On any other OS, you can hit the tab key while editing a form and the tab not only goes to the text fields, it goes to radio buttons, select boxes, etc. But on Mac, these are skipped right over. Why?! Can I change this? It doesn’t matter what browser I use; I could use the same browser on all platforms with the same problem only on Mac.

These issues waste more time for me than even writing this blog! The keyboard is so fast and I want to bypass Mac’s Mouse-ocracy. As a programmer, these things are particularly frustrating!